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Engloway provides field proven solutions for the electric utilities and industrial installations involving power generation,transmission and distribution.

EMS - GEN-4 Energy Management System (EMS) comprises a full suite of advanced applications to monitor and control power generation, resources,and transmission networks. The GEN-4 EMS is designed to meet most availability and expandability requirements, ensuring both reliable operation and long-term protection for yourinvestment.(Click here for details)

DMS - GEN-4 Distribution Management System comprises a full suite of automated tools that allow for the efficient, reliable, and cost-effective management of power distribution networks.
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SCADA - GEN-4 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), with its open and distributed architecture, provides a high-end, high availability system while offering superior performance and advanced graphics capabilities.Previously only available on expensive multi-server-based SCADA Systems, recent advances in the computer hardware industry now allow ECS to offer this same level of functionality and performance on a single or redundant pair of servers. Operation workstations can be delivered on UNIX or Windows NT®.(Click here for details)

Celeste HMI - for monitoring and control applications and includes SCADA graphics, comprehensive alarm management and reporting functions.

Celeste provides a fully integrated suite of PC-based SCADA applications that are designed to leverage the advanced functionality and data made available by CallistoIES. Celeste is the ideal partner for Callisto, providing detailed graphical presentations of all system status and measurement information.

Alarm handling is made easy, thanks to a priority driven management system linked to dynamic graphics displays and operational procedures. All of this is supported by a comprehensive database system.

Celeste allows you to manage your plant using a grouping methodology whereby all data relating to the plant, can be displayed on a single screen. In this way, all operational parameters and controls are accessible to the operator in a convenient and logical manner. Similarly, all plant maintenance and diagnostic information can be grouped for the convenience of engineering staff, who may access this information either locally or from a remote location.

Celeste is very cost-effective and can easily be configured as a single user, supervisory station or networked to form a fully featured multi-user system, with facilities for database and communications resilience.

Callisto - an advanced automation solution combining the functions of a remote terminal unit (RTU), a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a fault and sequence of events recorder.
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Electric utility restructuring and reshaping contributes to increased requirements for extensive
data, protection, control and automation from locations throughout the power network.
Traditional industry response has involved the use of individual products such as RTUs, PLCs, SOE
recorders and power quality monitors, interconnected as a system by an amalgam of physical
input/output interfaces and proprietary serial data exchange mechanisms.
CallistoIES provides a universal response to your data, protection, control and automation requirements whether they exist at the largest substation, the smallest distribution plant device, or at a network exchange point.

PILoT - a complete logic programming environment for the Callisto system.

Intelligent system functions are readily implemented using the dedicatedIEC 1131-3 programmable logic tools. In addition to the standard logicfunctions of IEC 1131-3, PILoT supports a library of re-usable macro functions that may be edited or combined to rapidly deliver powerful maths and logic programs. A field proven library of re-usable applications such as auto-reclose, prefered line operation, synchro-check relay and under frequency load shedding are available to support rapid applications development.

CaSE - configuration tools for the Callisto system.

CaSE is a Windows™ based editor that provides a user friendly means of configuring each individual CallistoIES physical I/O database mapping, processing parameters, application assignments and communications protocols.

CaSE configuration parameters are downloaded to the CallistoIES system via the diagnostic port of a conveniently located processing node. Alternatively, where supported by the protocol, the configuration may be downloaded across the communication link with its hierarchical master.

YH Series FTU - an advanced intelligent device integrating functions of protection, control, data measure, data record and remote signaling.
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YH Series FTU, as feeder remote terminal unit, integrated microcontroller, adopting modular structure, and composed of flexible functional plug-in cassettes which cater for field terminations , communication interfaces, LAN connections and system power supply inputs, is an advanced intelligent device integrating functions of protection, control, data measure, data record and remote signaling. It is suitable for real-time monitoring over switching stations, main ring unit, pole switches, distribution transformers, capacitors and other primary devices in 10kV power line of distribution automation system. It can also be used for real-time monitoring of distribution automation in the fields such as petrochemical industry, mining, ports, metros and electric railways, etc.

YH-SCS-05 Substation Automation System

Based on distributed architecture and modular design, YH-SCS-05 is an integrated automation system integrating advanced measure control systems and protection relays, which is suitable for substations with voltage level at 500kV,330kV,220kV,110kV,35kV and below.

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